Hi, my name is Rania Park

New Earth Psychic Therapist / Healer and


We help people that need help on the INSIDE. Heal their MIND + BODY.
Help people Clear their Minds of chatter, clear the body all toxic emotions- fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, guilt. So you can focus, have clarity & make good decisions.
Help you feel your emotions, let go and move forward in the best version of yourself.
We help heal all internal imbalances in the Mind & Body. Example: pain, drama + chaos, overwhelm, stress, tension, exhaustion, fatigue, fast pace energy, weakness, etc.
We remove all blocks in life and clear the path for manifestation. We clear the INSIDES so you can manifest the OUTSIDE Life you want. We Heal you from Inside Out.
So in your Outside Life you can Feel better, Live better & Love better.

– I am based in Sydney. I offer in-person sessions, phone & Zoom –


Workshop: Your ENERGY is your LIFE.

I will be running a Workshop soon in 2024 called ‘Your ENERGY is your LIFE’.
Information about the Workshop is here.



I help people through Readings. Reading their energy.
I am able to see where you sit NOW, what you hold onto and need to LET GO of & what you are orchestrating in your FUTURE.
I help you let go, move forward, steer you in the right direction in love and in life.
Helping you feel better, live better & love better.

New Age Psychic Therapist

I help steer you in the right direction & bring back your MIND + BODY to a Calm & Present moment state.
I TEACH you how to be the OBSERVER of your thoughts.
Teach you how to be in the present moment + to be calm.
To Be in EASE state, not DIS-EASE state.
From here we can focus, make good decisions and HEAL the Mind, Body & Spirit.

Psychic Mentor

I Help you get the outcome you want in love + in life.
I give you the tools to help you Make it Happen.
I SHOW you HOW to get what you want through the Internal Body scan process.
What it does its scans your INSIDES.
LOOKS inside your mind + body to see what needs changing
Changing IN you, in order to get what you WANT.

Mediumship Mentor

I TUNE IN to Loved ones that have passed over.
Receiving signs + messages from Loved ones and interpreting them.
They can help you in life NOW.
They can see what you can’t in life.
They have the ANSWERS.
They Help you get answers in life NOW.
They SHOW you the way to live better and love better.

Evil Eye Removal

I SEE if you have it
I Explain HOW you got it & WHY you got it.
I can REMOVE it.
And I give you the tools keep it off.


I Help Businesses Elevate and make More $
I Activate, Align + Anchor Successful Businesses.
Show you HOW!
HOW to Make it Happen!

Spiritual X-Ray

What it Does? X-RAY VISION seeing your INSIDES. Your mental state, emotional state & physical wellbeing. To see where it is at. Your emotional state to see how much Love is in there. Your mental state to see how much you are in your head, overthinking, replaying the same story, good + bad thoughts ratio. Your physical wellbeing looks at your Body inside & your Nervous system. We look at ALL of this & work it to make You better. To FEEL better, LIVE better & LOVE better.

Spiritual X-Ray for LOVE

X-RAY VISION seeing the INSIDES of your LOVE. What it Does? LOOKS at what you need to work on for Love. To draw LOVE IN. That is, Selflove + Love for others. (yes if you want others to love you, need selflove first). Spiritual X-Ray SHOWS YOU what you need to work on to Love better. Helps you have loving relationships, Love yourself more + others.

Spiritual X-Ray for LIFE

X-RAY VISION seeing the INSIDES of your LIFE. What it does? Looks inside + SHOWS YOU what is BLOCKING YOU in Life. Is it your thoughts, people, your emotional state, are you not emotionally available? Is it your body, in drama + chaos (yes that is a block too). Is it your attitude? Helps you remove Blocks & Move forward in life.

Spiritual X-Ray for Manifestation

X-RAY VISION seeing the INSIDES of what you WANT. What it does? Looks to see what is BLOCKING your Manifestation. Is it relationships, money, low self esteem, confidence, self worth? Is it not smart enough, beautiful enough, good enough, Not Enough? Spiritual X-Ray SHOWS YOU what you need to work on to make it happen. Help you Make it Happen!

Spiritual X-Ray for Awakening

X-RAY VISION seeing the INSIDES of your AWAKENING State. What it does? LOOKS to see if you are AWAKE? Or do you need a Wakeup call? Are you seeing the Universal Signs + Messages or are you Asleep? Spiritual X-Ray SHOWS YOU what you need to do to Awaken. If you Want to Awaken, we start the Awakening process here.

Spiritual Coaching for Love & Life

Here we work on making your Love + Life better.
END- Love coaching you will
Love yourself enough where someone loves you.
Love has to be IN you. Then LOVE happens.
END- Life coaching brings More Love into your Life as a Human Being,
Not a Human doing, not feeling and just doing in life.
But Feeling in life, Loving life with JOY.

Awaken Spiritual Coaching

Helps prepare you to Wake up in Love + Life.
Helps you gain Awareness and Align with Love in life.
SHOW/TEACH the process of Awakening, Activating,
Aligning and Anchoring it.
Teach you signs + messages + actions taken in life to
help you Live better & Love better.
Show you HOW to Move Forward & Let go
Through universal Signs.
Show/Teach the Language of the Universe.
The Universal Language.

Internal MIND + BODY scan

I GO IN, INSIDE your Mind & Body- LOOK at your thoughts, emotions, actions, intentions & Love. To see if you are BRINGING in Love in Life or BLOCKING it. That is love for Life, Love for yourself, love for your Body. We look at ALL of this and help you let go, move forward so you can feel better, live better & love better.

Internal Mind + Body scan Healing

LOOKS at your INSIDES & HEALS all the internal imbalances in the Mind + Body-
Pain, headaches, tiredness, exhaustion, fatigue, dizziness, fast pace energy, panic, stress, overwhelm, over sensory, anxiety, anger, rage, all TOXIC thoughts & emotions draining you inside and then EMBODY more energy, strength, balance in Love + Life.

Internal Body scan Awakening Activation

Starts the Awakening process. Awakens Activation in your BEING.
Heightens Awareness, activates the body senses, helps you see the signs + messages in life, calms the mind, opens the heart to feel, grounds the body in Mother Earth.
It helps you Awaken to the level you are at.


Awakening Course- AWAKEN your INNER BEING!
This course brings you back to the Present Moment Now- In the Rhythm of Nature. IN FLOW with Abundance, Love & Life. If you want a Better Life, with more Love in it, more Loving Relationships & more Money. Then this course is for you.


Looking at Love we look at your INSIDES. We look at your Mind & Body inside. We look at your thoughts, emotions, actions & intentions. From this we predict the Outside. The Future. The Outcome. That is our philosophy.

Why look at the inside then outside?

I have learnt from my own experiences that the Inside is what creates the Outside experience in Life.

INSIDE I was falling apart in pain & suffering, in drama & chaos, exhaustion, fatigue, stress, overwhelm, busyness of life, not stopping, not taking breaks, pushing myself and living a fast pace life. I was in victim mode-blaming the world for everything, full of anger, sadness and a whole lot of anxiety. Lots of FEAR.

My OUTSIDE Outcome. I created issues with my Mind + Body & manifested Chronic Fatigue & Neurological Fatigue. Neurological fatigue is severe fatigue related to the Nervous System. This created problems with me walking. I felt like I had no energy in my legs. I felt paralyzed from the waist down. I could not drive for 2 years, as there was no energy in my legs. Hence, I could not break in the car and stop at the lights. As I need energy in my legs and feet to do this. I could not shower standing as I had no energy in my legs. It seemed impossible to stand up. I sat on the floor and showered. My mind, I could not stop, was on the go, go, go. I had no focus, no clarity & bad thoughts which lead to bad decisions being made. I felt so overwhelmed. I could feel my mind & body was Over Sensory. My thinking was terrible, I kept replaying the same old victim story in my head, causing major anxiety.

Brain fog too. My eyes, I was not able to see clearly, I felt dizzy at times and had moments of the wall and floor spinning.

My ears, I could not stand noise, it became too much for me. Noisy places did my head in.

My mouth, I could not talk properly, I was angry and over reactive., I was even starting to slur. I was in OVER’s with everything. I was Over’s in life, Over Doing it in life.

OVER stressed, over tired, over busy, overwhelmed and not to mention over life.

I was in overdrive, living in fast paced energy. Fast pace energy is energy where you are not in a calm state and not living in the present moment. I was thinking what do I need to do next, to fit my to do list all in a day. I would replay in my head stories of what happened in the past. I hated my life. I hated me. I even started to hate people.

I was in chaos energy, not calm, chaos. Drama. I was in a state of Pain + Suffering.

There was so much pain in the body, I was really suffering.

Now I have healed my Mind & Body. I have healed myself of Neurological fatigue & Chronic fatigue completely. I took ownership of my energy, stopped playing poor me and blaming others. OWNING IT! Taking full responsibility for myself and my life. I let go of the victim in me and moved forward in responsible energy. Owning my issues and dealing with them, one by one. Now my legs are strong, my body is strong, my mind is alert, I am alive. I drive now and I am full of energy. I love myself, I love my life and I love people. I live in Joy.

I NOW have built myself up differently…….I built myself up to be Love, to be strong, to be calm and live in the present moment. I have a full tank of love, lots of strength, power + confidence in the body, I feel I am enough as I have done enough work to Be Enough. I am worthy and I deserve love. I am love.

I healed myself from Inside out. All my insides are Love. And Now Outside is grounded in love + love only. Inside Love, outside grounded in Mother Earth + Present Moment- In the Rhythm of Nature with Love + Life. From here we have had all good outcomes. All good outcomes come with Love.


I am Psychic with 20 years’ experience.
Looking at it differently. Looking at Love from the Inside. Inside of you.

Looking at your thoughts, emotions, actions, intentions and of course Love. From this we work out the outside. The Outside Life experience. The future. The Outcome.

You write the story of your life through your thoughts, emotions, actions & intentions.

Make this one a journey of Love. Follow my journey and I will bring you back to love where you will love yourself, love your life and love people. You will feel loved and always be love.

Let’s begin the walkway to Love. Now, what to do next, we need to make it happen. Love that is. Take Action. Contact me I will help you make it happen.

  • Private one on one sessions
  • Zoom
  • Telephone readings
  • Psychic Mentoring
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Internal mind + body Healings
  • Courses
  • Group bookings & Corporate functions
  • Parties & Events
  • Workshops
  • Psychic/ Personal development sessions
Rania Park


Helping people feel better, live better & love better is the Heart of our services. Let me show you what some of our clients have said, felt + experienced with our services and how it has made them feel better, live better & love better.

Heart of transformation

Rania’s work drives to the heart of transformation. She begins with finding & clearing out beliefs that don’t serve you, moving you towards an elevated & spiritual mindset, for all areas of life, with beliefs that will serve.
I gained so much growth & success from Rania’s work, more than any other coach I’ve been to. She truly cares & aims to help her clients, using her own experiences & her psychic abilities to get you to your desired outcomes. I’m truly grateful for her life changing work.

– Mary Anne – Sydney

Reality Manifested Dream Job.

Hi Rania you did a reading back in March 2023 helping me manifest moving forward to Dubai and working for Emirates and you said that I would be moving somewhere overseas for work.
I was just listening to the voice memo of my reading with you and felt the urge to message you and let you know that I’ve been in Dubai for 2 months now and I just graduated my training for Emirates.
Thank you so much, your reading gave me so much hope and encouragement to keep manifesting and I did everything you said and it became my reality so thank you so much. Dec 2023.

– Bronwyn – Bondi, Sydney

Amazing thank you Rania

I still feel amazing after our Mind + Body Healing session yesterday- my mind is more ‘blank’ now and peaceful.
Even some repetitive mind thoughts about certain people and past situations come up – its less now- and if I do think about it, I have no real emotional triggers, not that I feel numb, but I feel ‘neutral’.
Amazing thank you Rania.

– Evelyn – Sydney, NSW

After our Spiritual X-Ray session for Love + Life.

I absolutely loved my reading with Rania. She is incredible at what she does. She tuned in, with such precision, to where I was in my life and to what was most pertinent for me.
After our session, I felt inspired and rejuvenated to work on myself further to reach new goals. Rania helped me feel that I can do it and I trust that more than I’ve ever been able to before.
– Al Stewart – Beverley Park, NSW

After our Spiritual Coaching and Healing sessions.

Thank you Rania, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your patience, your kind and compassionate words and your Love. I have come so far with your amazing guidance, grace and unique spiritual gifts.
Rania works from the inside out and she helped me to recognize how the state of my internal world is reflected in my external world. With her guidance and care I was able to bring myself back into the present moment, to experience a sense of calm and find my way back to living life from a place of Love.
I highly recommend Rania for psychic healings and spiritual coaching for love & wellbeing.

– Trish – Sydney, NSW

Sending you lots of love and a big hug! 

You have such a gift. With you, I am always on a mission to learn and grow. I think of you all the time and how much insight you’ve given me. I’m so aware of my energy and who I am and who I want to be because of you, so know that you are with me/helping me everyday.

Sending you lots of love and a big hug!

– Jody –  Chicago, USA

Rania will give you the tools to get your life back on track…

If you’re after some clarity, the ability to focus on yourself; relationships; work, shift your negative thoughts, then Rania is your psychic.
Rania’s psychic ability is a very unique experience from any other reading you’ve ever had, or will have.
I gained insight to myself, my health and the knowledge to refocus, reset my mind in a positive view and outlook on the future, instead of being stuck in the past.
Rania will give you the tools to get your life back on track.
You will truly not be disappointed, but amazed at her accuracy and insight!
Thank you Rania for the healing and positivity you created in my life.

– Mary – Melbourne, VICTORIA

Rania has helped me heal from pain and grief…

Rania is not your regular psychic. Everyone needs a Rania in their life. Rania is a psychic, healer, life coach and real gift to this earth. Rania has guided me with her gifted ability to give incredibly accurate readings by using energy to create the readings. Her gift is so great that she no longer uses tarot cards.
I have often reached out to Rania where I am at a crossroad or feeling low and I ALWAYS come out of these readings feeling 100x better and ready to take on any challenge in life.
In my sessions with Rania, she has PRECISELY read things from the past, present, and future. In doing so, Rania has helped me heal from pain and grief, assisted me in letting go of bad energy, advised me on how to improve specific parts of my life and has guided me onto the right path. Rania has further helped me in everyday life by teaching me to set affirmations which is now a daily habit for me.
Rania is not only phenomenal at her job, but there is a genuine warmness and vitality in her that makes people feel so comfortable and safe in her readings.
Thank you, Rania for all your help and guidance. Xo. Love always.

– Yianna x – Sydney, NSW

Her readings are spot on!

Rania is honestly amazing. Her readings are spot on! What I love most is that I always leave her sessions with a positive mindset. She always gives me the strategies to look on the bright side and be grateful. The tips that she has provided me for manifestation have also been really helpful, and I have become such a different person since having sessions with her. Thank you Rania xxx

– Erin – Sydney, NSW

Warm, compassionate, and empathetic…

I’ve been seeing Rania as a psychic over a four-year period. I first reached out to Rania when I felt at a loss in both my professional life and personally. I was seeking clarity and hope. Rania’s psychic reading was impressively accurate and something that I still share with others and refer back to today.

Over time, Rania’s readings have evolved to provide specific advice on how to overcome adversity. They are empowering and have taught me to reflect on my own situation and behaviour to better myself. I have found these tools to be incredibly empowering and apply these tools to my everyday practise. Rania has delivered readings for me through a variety of modes; through Zoom, telephone, in person and in small groups, all have been accurate and well executed.

Rania is direct, yet warm, compassionate, and empathetic. After seeing Rania I always feel extremely positive and light, like a load has been lifted, ready to take on whatever is thrown my way.  I have referred many people to Rania when at a low or seeking clarity. I highly recommend Rania as a psychic reader and life coach. I’m very grateful for all the positive, advise and support that you have created in my life. Thank you Rania

– Marie – Sydney, NSW

– Frequently Asked Questions –

Why follow the Journey to Love?

I will SHOW you HOW to Love, Be loved + most importantly feel loved.
I will SHOW you HOW to love yourself Enough where someone loves you. Love has to be IN you. INSIDE YOU LOVE, then your outside mirror-in life, they love you. Where you will be able to look yourself in the mirror and say ‘I LOVE YOU’ and you believe it. Plus, others will say ‘I LOVE YOU’ to you and you say ‘I LOVE YOU’ to others and they believe it.

What are the BENEFITS of Being IN the Rhythm of Nature?

Benefits you Sleep with ease + grace, wake with ease + grace, talk with ease + grace, walk with ease + grace. Yes walk is a BIG ONE! Walking steers you in the right direction in Life – places you go, people you see. To walk IN the FLOW IN the directions of Love + Love only.

Why is it important to be in a place of Calm + Present Moment?

It is important because from calm + present moment now is where we are able to feel + heal the mind + body.
You need to feel the emotions to heal the emotion.
Feeling is done in the present moment.
If your body is sore or in constant pain you are not feeling. You are storing the pain in the body and not feeling to heal.

What are the Benefits of Being in Present Moment?

Nervous system is Calm. Body is calm. Mind is calm.
Rest + Digest here.
Deep sleep, sleep with ease + grace, wake with ease + grace.
Deep breathing, breathe with ease + grace.
No more Fight/ Flight response.
Your body is able to Heal from here.

Why is it important to know what is going on inside the Mind & Body?

Because your insides, your mind & body, predicts your outside life experience. For example, if your insides think + feel pain, drama + chaos, your outside life you will see & feel pain, drama + chaos. What is happening inside your mind & body is a reflection of what is happening outside in your life.

What DOES a Spiritual X- Ray do to help you?

It helps you see what is going on INSIDE the body with your thoughts, emotions, intentions, actions & love.
What you are inside is what is reflected outside. Outside being the universe.
It helps enhance your outside life and bring love in to your life, awareness to your life and so much more.
We help you think better, feel better, do better and be better.

What ages may come for reading/therapy/healing/ + sessions?

We help ages 16 years and up.

What are the opening hours?

We are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday. We also offer before and after-hours by Appointment only.

What are the fees for your services?

Psychic Readings $150
Psychic Therapy $180
Psychic Mentoring $180
Mediumship Mentoring $180
Removal Evil Eye $180
Spiritual X-Ray $180
Spiritual Coaching $180
Internal body scan $150
Internal Body scan Healing $150
Awakening Activation $150

How do you do the Reading?

As a psychic, I am reading energy, your energy. Metaphysical energy. It is through the energy the messages are received. I use my extra sensory perceptions + my inner senses- my gut feelings, my inner vision + listen to that silent voice that whispers.

What does a Psychic Mentor DO?

I help steer you towards your wants in love + life.
Show you HOW to Make it happen.

What does the Internal Body scan DO to HELP YOU?

It helps you let go of drama, chaos, fast pace energy, all that is not love in the mind + body.
Let go bad thoughts, stress, over sensory, overwhelm, anxiety, anger, sadness, guilt and any imbalances in the mind + body.

What the Internal Body scan HEALING DOES?

Heals your Insides, your thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions.
Brings In more Calm and present moment energy, more love and more joy in life.

What are the Spiritual Coaching Benefits?

Show you HOW to let go and move forward in love + life.
Teach structure in your day for your Thoughts to help steer you in right direction for good outcomes.
Teach LOVE- bring you back to a place of Love so you can Feel better, live better and love better.

What the Internal Body scan Awakening Activation DOES to HELP YOU?

Activates the senses so you can feel more, see more, hear more, see + hear signs + messages from Universe, grounds your Energy into Mother Earth, so you feel more in PRESENT MOMENT NOW.

Why is it important to HEAL the INSIDE?

Because if your foundation inside is built on pain, drama & chaos, exhaustion, overwhelm, anxiety, anger….then you will SEE pain, drama & chaos, overwhelm, anxiety and anger in your outside life. Your life will become too much for you & you will FEEL like crap inside.
That is you will not feel good at all. You will feel like crap. Your mind & body will Not feel calm. Your mind + body will feel chaos. You will not focus well, sleep well, eat well, be well, see well, etc You HEAL insides to feel better, live better and love better.

What does ‘AWAKEN your INNER BEING!’ Course entail?

The course Awakens your INNER BEING & Brings you back to the Present Moment NOW. To Be In the Rhythm Of Nature. During this course you will See + Feel your life in front of you change for the better. IN FLOW with Abundance, Love + Life.

From here you grow + move forward in all aspects of Life. I mean ALL. Love, Life, Relationships + Money.


Let’s begin the Journey. Please use the Form below to Book an Appointment, ask any question or enquiry. We will get back to you asap. Alternatively if you prefer to phone us, please call 0413 587 538.